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France and Francine Laplante
A Portrait of Passion Through Dance

Dance has always been a true love of France and Francine. Having grown up on a large farm in Sarsfield, Ontario (South east of Ottawa), you might find it surprising that their love of dance had the opportunity to flourish in an environment that caused them to rise at 4:00 each morning to help with tending to the family’s dairy cattle. From the young age of 9 and with daily chores accomplished, France and Francine would diligently don their dance attire and make their way to dance classes. Over the years they studied jazz, tap, ballet, step dancing and of course belly dancing. Practicing day in and day out, they moved into the demanding world of professional belly dancing at the ripe old age of 14, becoming the first modern professional twin belly dance act in the world. They went on to master this beautiful art form that celebrates womanhood in so many ways, and have added incredible interpretation and dance elements that cannot be captured in words. But don’t fret, they will be performing their current professional show at the upcoming recital for you to experience first hand. Discovering that they were natural performers grew out of this experience that has now topped 1500 professional belly dance shows spanning North America and Europe. It was somewhat by chance nonetheless, that France and Francine discovered that teaching was also to form part of their portfolio of passion when it comes to their love of Belly Dance.

What do Mirage Dance Studios, Jesse Cook
and New Year’s Eve all Have in Common?

If you guessed new beginnings, you’d be right on the money. At the end of December 2000, France and Francine heard about an incredible performer, named Jesse Cook, who was playing at the National Arts Centre for a New Year’s Eve gala. Always anxious to check out what’s exciting in the local arts scene, they purchased tickets and set out to ring in the New Year in a very special way. The show was great, and much to their own surprise, Jesse invited the audience to join him on stage for one of the numbers he was performing. France and Francine took one look at each other and only as twins can, they knew exactly what the other was thinking. The rest is Mirage Dance Studios history. Needless to say, Jesse Cook was a little surprised himself when the girls stole the show with an awesome Belly Dance demonstration and resulting ovation. After the show, France and Francine were approached by several ladies who thoroughly enjoyed the performance and asked if they taught Belly Dancing. Having given this much thought in the past, this was the catalyst that led to much hard work and the official launch of the Studio.

A Celebration of Belly Dance Accomplishment and Performance

Talking with many of the students this past year has led to a good understanding of their motivation for taking Belly Dance lessons. For some it represents a great way to get more fit and have a great deal of fun in the process. For others, it is the time for themselves and escape from the daily pressures that so many women feel in their day to day lives. The chance to socialize, make new friends and try something new also appears on their list of reasons. And of course, there is the chance to get out and show their stuff.

France and Francine - Belly Dancing, Fire Eating and much more…

If you have not had the opportunity to experience one of France and Francine’s professional Belly Dance shows, then you are truly in for a wonderful surprise. Having trained with Ronald Gagné the world famous fire eater and breather of Cirque du Soleil fame, France and Francine have incorporated fire into their own special fusion of modern and traditional belly dance performance. And, you will have to see it for yourself to believe that their exquisite custom designed 13 candle candelabra is loosely balanced on their heads as they shimmy their way through the crowd to give you a first hand look. As amazing as this sounds, it will not be the only surprise that you will enjoy as part of this half-hour Belly Dance extravaganza.

Ladies, whether it’s Belly Funk or traditional Belly Dance
that touches your spirit,
France and Francine can’t wait to hear from you…

Why not start taking some time for yourselves? Try something new and rediscover how it feels to be the woman you know you really are. France and Francine love teaching Belly Dance for fun, for fitness, and for women only! Call Mirage today for more information on upcoming Belly Dance and Belly Funk classes. You’ll be so happy you did!

Interested? Call Mirage Dance Studios at (613) 835-2836.

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